Gratitude...and a Challenge

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"Josh, how in the world is gratitude gonna help me stop the puck?!?!"

I hear you, I hear you. But stick with me. This is important.

"Like come on...we already know what 'gratitude' means! Being thankful and appreciative of people, events, things in our lives."

Yes...exactly! But when was the last time you actually sat down and counted your blessings?

We all experience daily events that affect our lives either positively or negatively or neutrally.

Something happens...and we react.

How often would you say the things that happen in your life are generally good? How many are negative? Chances are, you experience more good than just don't always choose to recognize it.

There's a lot of research out there that shows clearly, the impact of showing gratefulness for all life throws at us...and it appears to be a matter of the lens you choose.

(Here are a few if you want to dig deeper: (1) Harvard Medical, (2) Science of Gratitude, (3) Psychology Today.)

Those all describe how purposely practicing gratefulness will increase your happiness and mental health.

Thinking of things you're grateful for changes the lens you see the world with. Counting your blessings makes you see more blessings.

Positive events are enjoyed more thoroughly. Negative experiences become learning opportunities, not failures.

A failure or setback is no longer despised and met with frustration when you view it from the lens of gratitude. You're thankful for the lesson and opportunity to improve a flaw or mistake.

I have a challenge for everyone (and this is something I practice too, see attached photos of my gratitudes).

  1. Buy a notebook (or use one you already have)
  2. Get a pen or pencil
  3. Put your notebook and writing tool next to your bed or in front of your bedroom door
  4. Each morning, before you're allowed to do anything else, write down 4 gratitudes (things, events, places, people you're thankful for)
  5. Don't double up! Each day, think of 4 different gratitudes each day.

And here's something I'll throw in for fun if you email me next week with your 7 full days of gratitudes: $50 OFF your 2020 summer camp.

Why am I doing this? Because I truly believe that the lens we choose to view the world through affects our daily life and performance on and off the ice.

I believe (and there seem to be lots of very smart people to support it) that you will greatly benefit from this practice of gratefulness. Even after only a week.

Show me what you come up with! I want to see what you think is good in your world.

Stay frosty (and grateful)


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