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Set yourself up for long-term, consistent success: Become antifragile

Antifragility: What it means for you

Eat your steak like you play your games. The stakes aren't as big as you think.

Stakes and Steaks

Your truest self is within you.

The Golden Statue

Not too high, not too low.

Optimal Intensity

Control your breath, control your life.

Finally! I've Learned about Breathing

The Dojo is sacred. You become someone new.

Entering the Dojo

How our masks change our identities.

The Mask

Learn resilience from an unexpected source...

This Too Shall Pass

A story about you, and about me. About a Cart and a Horse.

The Cart and the Horse

Just because you do it once doesn't mean it's done forever.


Are you a good goalie, or are you LEGIT?

Being Good vs Being LEGIT

3 Things to Remember for Your Junior Tryouts

What separates those who make it from those who don't?

5 Reasons Some Goalies "Make It"

What mindset should you hold and when?

Two Minds

4 Easy Tips to Dominate Playoffs

NHL goalies have these traits in common...

7 Habits of Highly Effective Goalies

Excellence is a habit. Be excellent in everything you do today!

Excellence is a Habit

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